How It Works

With your busy schedule, we know you don’t have the time to trudge through the technical details of setting up your own online business. That’s why we give you your own staff of dedicated professionals so that your online business is up and running as quickly as possible. Please see the steps below to see step by step how the process works!

  • Step 1
    After you have placed your order, you will receive an email detailing the materials that you will have to submit for the successful completion of your site. A representative will contact you so that you will be able to select a time slot for the commencement of your project. Once you submit your materials, work on your site will begin. The deadline for your website’s completion will be 1 hour prior to the allocated time slot.
  • Step 2
    Construction of your site will be in progress. In addition, your domain name will be purchased and your merchant gateway will be established so that you can collect monies from customers online.
  • Step 3
    You will be sent a link to see your site as it is being built.
  • Step 4
    At this point, you will be sent a link to view and interact with your completed Ecommerce /Shopping Cart Website and/or Website. By this time, customers will be able to access your site via their computers and *purchase goods directly from you.*A fee of 4% plus .30 cents is charged per transaction.
  • The Ecommerce/Shopping Cart Website Plan comes with full Admin Control Panel that gives you the ability to delete, modify and upload products, change the look and feel of your site, modify content, run reports on customer demographics, products and customer behavior, launch marketing campaigns and much more.
  • The Website Only Plan gives you a professionally designed website plus an Admin Control Panel that will enable you to modify, delete and add site content at any time.